Facts about Dubai’s Desert Safari Trips

Facts about Dubai’s Desert Safari Trips

July 15, 2019 Off By admin

Day trips which have been quite popular among tourists in Dubai are amazing trips to desert safari. Individuals from all around the globe visit these desert safaris so they can see the desert’s dunes. They also visit it to check how the “Bedouin” life looked like before Dubai became the hub to tourism.

These desert safaris are an exciting experience if one wants to indulge in Dubai’s local culture. One also gets to know about the life lived by people in a particular desert. Arabs resided in these deserts before they shifted to the modern city. Therefore, these deserts are a vital part of Dubai’s culture and its tradition too. So one can also enjoy the life lived by Arab’s here.

People visit these desert safaris so they can relax and even see such a pleasing ecosystem which is not present in one’s home town. It is surely fun, adventurous and a great experience to visit these desert safaris.

If one is going for a tour to desert safari then they should keep some things in their mind. This is important so you can enjoy your trip without facing any sort of additional hurdles.


When one opts for visiting desert safari then everything is taken care of by a particular tour company. Tourists are provided with all the facilities which they require when traveling to these desert safaris. The transport company’s car picks the individuals up from their hotel rooms and they also drop them to a particular desert camp.


The time period depends upon the safari chosen by individuals. The usual safaris begin from 4.30 PM and they are available till 11 during night hours. When individuals are traveling through these safaris at night times then they can even see “Bedouin” style tents. These types of safaris have always been continuing till morning wee hours. One also experiences a beautiful sunrise and these tourists are also offered mouthwatering breakfast before they return back to their hotel room.


These desert safaris have always been popular for their adventurous activities. Such safaris begin with an exceptional yet thrilling “dune” bashing ride. One also gets a chance to sit on a sand bike which is managed by a professional person. After reaching a particular camp an individual can do sand boarding or they can opt for a camel ride too.

Some desert safaris also provide you with quad biking. While seeing the sun setting one can also take a number of gorgeous photographs.


Food is one of the most amazing parts of these desert safaris trip. After an individual is tired of all the fun related activities then they can get their hands on scrumptious BBQ in the desert. The dishes which are offered in the desert are a mixture of different “continental” and “Arabic” dishes. One also gets to drink the “luscious” Arabic coffee.

These are a few necessary things which one should know before individuals start their adventurous desert safari tour in Dubai.