How and why do we sleep?

How and why do we sleep?

February 20, 2020 Off By admin

This is probably one of those questions which we have always wondered about but have never actually looked out for. Now that you are on search of bed furniture Dubai, you would really want to know the factors that play an important role in finding the right mattress because indirectly it is going affect your sleeping patterns.

It is not due to one single hormone or one single factor that affects your sleep but there are multiple factors that come together to form an internal body clock on which your body sleeps and rises. Usually your body works on a 24 hour sleeping pattern where the pressure to sleep starts building every once in an hour and reaches a peak in the evening which is the most common nap time for people. Adenosine is the second factor which is a compound that keeps building up when you are awake and breaks down finally when you fall asleep. 

Another factor which might be affecting your sleeping cycle would be the environmental factors such as light or darkness and hungry or a full stomach – these are the cues which will make you feel drowsy or awake as per their qualities.

Melatonin is a sleep hormone which signals your brain to tell that it’s sleeping time. Melatonin controls your body and its sleeping clock which is why it keeps releasing little by little until finally when it’s dark. When this hormone is at peak – usually after the evening – this is when it’s preparing your body to fall asleep.

Evening is usually one of those times when you may feel drowsy but this can also be reversed if your body gets in contact with artificial light exposure such as TV screen or mobile or any such instrument. This is also the reason that experts recommend shutting off your mobile phones at least half an hour before bedtime so that your body can process the sleep hormones.

Everyone have their own body clocks and this is why we see most of the teenagers staying up late at night and waking up late in the morning. The reason is simple that melatonin in their body is released later in the night and this is why they seem to have such sleeping pattern which is completely normal as long as they are sleeping in their beds in Dubai.