Types of cleaning services offered by cleaning companies

Types of cleaning services offered by cleaning companies

September 30, 2019 Off By admin

Dubai… Dubai… Dubai!! What is Dubai? The city of shopping malls or the city of luxurious life style where you are provided with the cuisines from different restaurants, five star hotels, branded clothes and cleaning services.

Dubai and Abu Dhabi have thousands of cleaning services in their every corner that provides maids and cleaning to the clients to clean their homes and offices according to their budget.

There are many companies out there. Some of them are affordable for blue collar and some are made to assist upper middle class and rich class of the cities. However,  a majority of them won’t charge less than AED 35 for an hour. 

These services and companies provide different types of services and faculties which leave no stone to assist you cent percent. Some of the types of services offered by professional cleaning services Abu Dhabi are:

  1. Residential cleaning: Residential cleaning is all about house cleaning. These companies have number of experienced maids (male and female) who can work for two to four hours which include dusting,  mopping,  sweeping and lots of stuff. The clients are required to pay on the basis of hours. Therefore, put aside 100 to 120 AED aside because your maid would need at least two hours to weep off the dust. 
  2. Corporate cleaning: For cleaning of offices, medical centers and school, the companies send their well-trained staff of 12 to 1000s of workers who know how to clean the place efficiently without creating disturbance for employees and employers at the place.
  3. Deep cleaning: It is for houses,  usually. Majority of the clients avail this service when they have any get-together or any formal event at their place. This service includes detailed and too much cleaning like sweeping floor with different cleaning agents, brushing off webs from the corners and cleaning the place from tiny areas as well.
  4. Window cleaning: The companies have experts to clean the windows with the provided brushes, mops and cleaning agents or sprays that help them to swipe off dirt and dust from inside and outside of the window to bring back it’s shining again.

So, these are basic types of services which are in the list of every company whose names you can get if you will search for “house cleaning Abu Dhabi” on Google or any search engine.

Hope this article has helped you. However, there are many other types like sofa cleaning, swimming)  pool cleaning and many others.  All you need is to open your Chrome and search for the services.